User Guidance

1 Select product

Method 1

Choose products on China ecommerce websites such as 1688, Taobao, and copy the link of your desired products.

Method 2

Search by product name on SiluMart and choose among the results from 1688, Taobao and Tmall.

Method 3

Fill in product information and submit your order in “Inquiry”



  1. Available for 1688, Taobao and Tmall.
  2. Support for cross-platform product packaging.
2 Submit order

Select product’s color, size and quantity, then add to shopping cart.


  1. Please pay attention to silumart's risk tips, since international logistics has “Mail restrictions” on some goods.
  2. Most of the products from 1688 have minimum quantity to purchase. Please refer to the minimum quantity of the order from the supplier.
  3. Not all the shipping fee of products on Taobao are free, and those with shipping fee shall be paid together with the international shipping fee.
3 Pay for product(s)

Choose payment method and pay for the product(s) and service charges.

4 SiluMart purchase, inspection and storage

SiluMart will contact the seller and purchase your ordered products. Then, quality inspection will be carried out and products will be stored in the warehouse. You can visit “User center”-“Warehouse” to view the product once it is stored.





  • Once the product has arrived our warehouse, a series of quality inspection will be carried out. We will contact you immediately if there are any problems.
  • What do you do next ?

    1. Send the stored products overseas (Step 5-8)

    2. Or purchase more and send them all together (Repeat Step 1-4, then Step 5-8)


    1. We provide 60 days fee storage service for your products.
    2. Stock up and consolidate them to ship overseas in order to save shipping fee.
    5 Submit waybill

    1. Visit “User center”-“Warehouse” and select products then create a waybill.

    2. Fill in delivery details.

    3. Choose the recommended type of delivery.


    1. Some items may be restricted with a certain type of delivery. However, we have selected a few recommended types of delivery for you to choose from the list.
    2. We provide additional services such as package reinforcement, insurance, etc. Please inform us under remark and we will follow your request.
    6 Pay shipping fee

    Choose payment method. Please pay for the domestic shipping fee occurred in China, international shipping fee and customs clearance fee.


  • International fee is calculated based on the estimated weight, delivery method and destination.
  • 7 SiluMart delivery

    Consolidate and pack products, reinforce package, weight and send out delivery.

    Consolidate and pack

    Reinforce package



  • You can track the parcel via “User center”-“Waybills“after it is sent out.
  • 8 Delivered and review

    Once you have received the parcel, you can confirm the delivery via“User center”-“Waybills”.


  • If you have any question regarding to the parcel, you can also choose the relevant parcel and apply for after-sales service.