Successfully registered, login your SiluMart account.
In the SiluMart search box, enter the keywords of the goods that you are interested in or copy the links of the goods you choose from third-party sellers. Choose the style and quantity you want. You can leave relevant information in the note box if you need. The information and notes of the goods you select will be transmitted directly to the third-party sellers you choose to trade with. Confirm the selected item and click "Submit" to create your order and pay for it.

When the goods you purchased arrive at the SiluMart warehouse (free temporary storage for 60 days), you can choose specific goods for international transshipment, and pay for shipping fee and service charges.

Please note that the payment will be divided into two parts:

a. First payment (Item costs+Service charges)

b. Second payment (Domestic shipping fee+International shipping fee)

After receiving the parcel, you can confirm receipt in User Center> My Order and get the corresponding points.

Last updated: December 3, 2019