The parcel forwarding service is separated into 2 steps. We suggest that you estimate the international shipping fee before shipping.

Step 1: Submit the product to be forwarded online for verification. After the product is verified, purchase and ship it to the SiluMart warehouse.

Step 2: The product is stocked in the warehouse with the free preservation period of 60 days, and the products can be consolidated (if you have more than one product stored in the warehouse) into a single parcel, pay for the order, and ship the parcel.

Note: Due to the storage conditions of the warehouse and transportation restrictions, please ship the goods after we have checked and approved the international transhipment shipping bill, so as not to cause unnecessary losses for you.

Service ranges

1. SiluMart will only confirm that the product to be forwarded is not prohibited. Basic check for the quantity, color, and size of the product will also be provided; however, detailed quantity check and quality inspection service will not be provided. If part of the product is missing, please contact the sender and verify the information.

2. SiluMart will not take any responsibility unless it was SiluMart that lost your product. For special or professional products, no professional quality inspection will be provided.

3. Please use the product photos provided by SiluMart to verify if the product is not purchased by SiluMart. If you need complete service and quality inspection service for the product, we suggest that you use the SiluMart shopping agent service.

4. When the free storage in the warehouse expires, you may choose to continue the storage or transfer it to other warehouses outside or within China. Transport to China will also be charged for shipping fee, services etc.

Transportation risk

As a service platform, SiluMart is partnered with numerous third-party logistics providers who ship the products we purchased to you. SiluMart is not responsible for the confiscation, damage, loss, or delay of the products that occurred due to the policy of the customs or the uncontrollable risks associated with the international transportation. However, SiluMart will actively coordinate the problems arising in the logistics process for you. Meanwhile, SiluMart will warn you about the possible risks ahead of time. We will improve our logistics insurance services, since we want to help you assess possible risks and minimize possible losses.

Special Notification

During the preservation period of parcels, SiluMart is responsible for storing the goods and assumes corresponding responsibilities, but the shelf life of the goods is not within the scope of the storage. Please evaluate the time consumed in storage and transportation by yourself. (For example, the shelf life of the item lefts only 30 days.)

Last updated: December 26, 2019