Service Agreement

1. Service Terms Confirmation and Acceptance

Service Terms Confirmation and Acceptance registered users' ownership and operation right are owned by SiluMart. The services provided must be in accordance with its published service agreement, service terms, operating rules strictly enforced. The service also says that users and SILUMART have reached an agreement and accepted all of its terms of service.

2. The Provision of Service information

SiluMart provides global users international shopping agent service via Internet by using its own information and service platform. Receivers information provided by users need to be detailed, accurate, truthful, valid, same as the users’ personal email address. Once the information has changed, the updated information need to be submitted to SiluMart customer service. If the information provided by the users is inaccurate, untruthful, valid service cannot be provided. In addition, platform has the unilateral right to terminate users' service right.

3. Users' information Protection Rules

Respect users' privacy is one of the SiluMart foundation rules. Therefore, we will not publish, modify or share users' personal information to the third party and will save in SiluMart registered users service files. Unless requested with legal permission or users themselves, then we can share to the third party.

4. Service Terms Rights

SiluMart reserved the right to modify or discontinue the service without notifying the user, it is not necessary for the rights to the user or any third party.

5. Uses' Account/ Password Security Maintenance

Once you have registered with the site, you will have a member account where the account number is your username. SiluMart has the right to modify your username if it contains illegal or sensitive words. You are responsible to the liability of all your account or password activities. Therefore, please keep your account username and password safely and do not share to any third party. Otherwise, you are responsible to all the legal consequence caused by that. If you realize your password might be divulged, please modify it as soon as possible. You can feely visit 'Me' then click 'Profile information' to modify your password or information. Or you could terminate the old account and sign up for a new account. However, please make sure you have notified our customer service so that we can transfer your old account balance to your new account.

6. Users' Management

Users will solely take the responsibility of the information posted. Users must comply with all applicable local laws, state laws and international legal standards. Users must follow:

(1) Relevant laws and regulations of China when publishing any information.

(2) Do not use network registered users engaged in illegal activities.

(3) Do not interfere with or confuse network services.

(4) Comply with all using network registered users service network agreement, rules and regulations, and procedures. Users have the responsibilities of register service activities in SiluMart. If users spread or disseminate reactionary, pornographic, violent, terroristic or other information in violation of State law in SiluMart registered user services, we will mark the system record as evidence in possible violation of the law and submit to relevant departments. Meanwhile, simultaneously and immediately delete these messages without informing the users.

7. Limited liability

SiluMart for any direct, indirect, incidental, special usage of network member services or any illegal usage of network member in terms of harming or causing the damage of SiluMart image and reputation, SiluMart presents here to reserve rights to pursue compensation for the reputational damage.

8. Refused to provide guarantees

Agreement about the usage of email services is at users' own risks. SiluMart clearly states that we will not provide any kind of guarantees, either explicit or inexplicit. Users understand and accept all kinds of information, which depend on their own, and users are responsible for all risks and liabilities of system damage or information lost.

9. SILUMART registered users services information storage and restrictions

SiluMart does not set the maximum limit for uploading, but the site has the right to judge whether users’ behavior is according to SiluMart registered users services terms and spirit. If users violated services terms, the account of SiluMart registered users services will be terminated. SiluMart owns all copyrights of all contents for the site. Anyone wants to reprint website contents that must be authorized by SILUMART, otherwise, it is considered copyright infringement.

10. Exclusion Clause

(1) For the items information provided by the site, we will try our best to match the items description and patterns between the sales items and the one posted online. However, due to the fact that during photo taking process, lighting, color background, equipment differences, computer color differences, computer image resolution differences, etc. might affect the outcome. We cannot guarantee that items description will exactly match with the real products, especially in color. All items actual status is the presented outcome.

(2) Based on users instruction to shop specific products from the specific website, generally speaking, it takes 6 -15 working days to complete the shopping agent services on the site (this is also based on the ‘international shipping methods’ chosen by users), but this is not final commitment. If the website users provided says out-of-stock, price changes, not deliver on time, any other transporting issues or any irresistible factor, and it has affected us to complete the service, we will immediately communicate with users to solve the issues. For any relevant loss caused to the users, SiluMart is not responsible for it.

(3) If you need after-sales services (such as item missed, damaged, flawed, etc.), please see Help Center 'Returns/ Refunds Policy and Process' for more details. Please note, after-sales service is only applied for 72 after items delivered. If you request it after that period of time, your request will be no longer accepted.

(4) Users' personal reasons caused to unsuccessful parcels delivery, SiluMart will not take the responsible for it.

(5) During shopping agent process, SiluMart will not accept any agreed conditions between users and sellers. Members of the site will only enjoy sales discounts published by SiluMart official website, while cannot enjoy any other discounts from other sellers’ websites.

(6) This site cannot accept to shop via shopping agent services for the following items: counterfeit products, prescription medicine, tobacco, lottery, adult magazine and DVD.

Services for Businesses under SILUMART

1. Policies for parcel forwarding and shopping agent services

Shopping agent service: SiluMart can provide shopping agent service for the commodities sold on third-party platforms designated by You or shipping of Your parcels.

Parcel Forwarding: SiluMart can provide forwarding services in addition to the recommendation and sales services regarding the third-party platform products for the users herein. You may assess and take all risks by yourselves in connection with any accidents related to the international parcels such as the return punished by the customs, delay in delivery, damage or loss and so on. For any parcel problems, You may entrust SiluMart as the communication agent to negotiate with third-party logistic service providers for claim. The final standards for all the compensations related shall be subject to the standards of the third-party logistic service providers, for which SiluMart will not assume any liabilities, including joint and several liabilities.

2. Disclaimer for purchase and parcel forwarding of products

For the smooth arrival of the products purchased by You, we may make appropriate handling for the products already arrived. You're kindly reminded that You should make prudent purchase as certain merchants on Taobao may conduct illegal commercial activities. You are deemed to agree and perform the subsequent operations under special conditions (visit the website below), or You may verify any doubts (if any) with the customer service staff upon the submission of order.

Please read carefully at "Disclaimers of Shopping Agent and Parcel Forward Services" for more details thereof.

3. Parcel forwarding agreement and the inspection rules

It's Your responsibility to have the knowledge of the prohibited international items. SiluMart may sign to acknowledge the receipt of and check Your parcels in accordance with the Rules on Parcel Forwarding and Acknowledgement of Receipt, and receive the parcels satisfying with the applicable requirements and make subsequent operations related thereto.

Please read carefully at "Mail Restrictions" and "Rules for signed acceptance and inspection" for more details thereof.

4. Domestic return and international return

Subject to the special natures of international logistics, certain parcels may be indicated as "Not passing domestic security checks" in the customs of the country to which Your parcels are delivered, in this regard, SiluMart may arrange the re-delivery free of charge after the parcel is returned. In the event Your parcel has been shipped overseas and is returned due to the reasons like "Not passing international security checks", "no recipient", "wrong or incomplete address", "unsuccessful posting", the fee for re-shipping shall be borne by You.

5. Delivery delay insurance and the compensations

It shall be deemed delay of parcel in the event the delivery time exceeds the time announced by the platform for the insured delivery route since the said parcel is sent to the third-party carrier. Compensations for the delayed delivery may be subject to the negotiations between SiluMart and the concerned third-party logistics service providers after the recipient applies for compensations, and such compensations may be returned to the payment account for the said international parcel. However, provided any delay incurred due to the force majeure factors such as the customs and weather will not be compensated for.

6. Parcel insurance and the compensations

In the event that Your parcel is lost and You have purchased the parcel insurance with us upon the submission of order, we may provide applicable compensation based on Your insured value. You shall have the knowledge of the prohibited international items and assume any responsibilities for the losses of parcels caused due to certain factors, either subjective or objective.

Please read carefully at "Insurance and compensation of Parcels" for more details thereof.

7. Receipt of parcel

The normal acknowledge of receipt of the parcel indicates the closure of the whole shipping process. You shall check the outer packing box carefully upon Your signing for acknowledge of receipt, and You may respond to customer service staff immediately for any problems related thereto after the acknowledgement.

Please read carefully at "Notices of receiving parcel" for more details thereof.

8. After-sales

It's suggested that You should confirm the receipt of products on the website after receiving the parcel. You may apply for after-sales services within the valid after-sales term thereof if necessary, or otherwise after-sales services may not be provided after the said valid term. The valid after-sales term is calculated based on the delivery days and confirmation of receipt of products.

Please read carefully at "After-sales Considerations" for more details thereof.

9. Compensation disclaimer

(1) SiluMart is dedicated to providing worry-free international online shopping services for You. For the smooth arrival of the products purchased by You, we may make appropriate handling for the products already delivered to the warehouse. You’re kindly reminded that You should make prudent purchase as certain merchants on Taobao may conduct illegal commercial activities. You are deemed to agree and perform the subsequent operations under special conditions as follows, or You may verify any doubts (if any) with the customer service staff upon the submission of order.

It shall constitute that you have read and accepted the terms mentioned above if there is any such risk as provided in the preceding paragraph. Please read such terms carefully and SiluMart reserves the right of final interpretation for such terms.

(2) We shall not be held liable for any loss, shortage, damage or delay of mails occurred during the delivery process for any cause that not attributable to us or for any indirect losses or unrealized benefits if

a) the same is caused due to the occurrence of any force majeure event (except for insured mail);

b) the commodities mailed violate the restriction or limitation provisions and have been confiscated or otherwise disposed by the competent authorities in accordance with the applicable rules;

c) the package of mail is intact without dismantling or loss of weight when the same is delivered, while the commodities contained therein are short or damaged;

d) the receipt note is signed by recipient under the normal procedures;

e) the loss or delay of mail is due to any causes attributable to user or the commodities contained therein;

f) the user fails to make inquiry and claim during the period commencing from the date on which such mail is delivered to the expiration date of such inquiry; or

g) the international mail is detained, confiscated or destroyed by the competent authorities of country to which such mail is delivered in accordance with its national laws.

(3) Instructions for Banned Items

a) The items which are banned from mailing include

(i) the commodities that are prohibited from being circulated or sent by the applicable national laws and regulations;

(ii) the explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic and other dangerous commodities;

(iii) the reactionary newspapers, books, windows or obscene commodities;

(iv) various currencies;

(v) such items which may impair public health;

(vi) the perishable items;

(vii) any live animals (excluding bees, silkworms, and leeches for which their packages may ensure the security of delivery and safety of workers);

(viii) such items that are not properly packaged and may endanger personal safety, or may pollute or damage mails or other mail devices; and

(ix) all other items not suitable for mailing conditions.

b) The items which are banned from mailing in accordance with the mailing practices

(i) those, based on their natures or packages, are suspected to injure postal service personnel or harm mail or postal equipment;

(ii) the items sealed by metal buttons with sharp edges which may hinder mail handling equipment;

(iii) all kinds of firearms, ammunition, explosives, flammable commodities, corrosive commodities, radioactive elements and containers, potent poisons, narcotic drugs, biochemical products and infectious commodities;

(iv) various kinds of publications, publicity materials, printed materials, etc. which may endanger social security & stability, or are obscene;

(v) all kinds of items which may endanger public health;

(vi) such documents or commodities that are prohibited from entering or circulating by the other party;

(vii) any other items banned by the rules of competent customs authorities in addition to those mentioned above.

Descriptions of International Logistics Restrictions

The commodities purchased in China must be in conformity with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China (“PRC”) and are permitted for export. You shall understand and acknowledge that based on the different customs policies of various countries, some countries or regions are more sensitive to special commodities and more possible to be confiscated for such commodities, when entering local customs.

Customs inspections of parcels are basically in the form of spot checks. If the customs thinks that your parcel is special (for example, large in size, too heavy in weight, or containing sensitive commodities, etc.), customs will voluntarily contact the recipient for invoice or customs clearance documents.

Please read carefully at:

1. Scope of Commodities under Shopping Agent and Forwarding Parcel


2. Scope of Commodities under Shopping Agent and Forwarding Parcel


3. Customs Inspection


Agreement Update and the Obligations of Users to Care

1. With the development of SiluMart business, this Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time to provide you with better services; provided, however, we may not reduce your rights thereunder without your express consent. We will issue updated versions on the SiluMart website and mobile terminal, and notify you for the updates of related content through website announcements or other appropriate means prior to the effectiveness thereof. Please visit SiluMart to keep up-to-date with the latest Privacy Policy.

2. We shall provide prominent notice for any major changes thereof (for this purpose, we will explain specific changes to our Privacy Policy by including but not limited to emails, text messages, or special tips on the browsing page).

The “Major Changes” referred herein include but not limited to

(1) significant change in our service model, for example, the purpose of processing personal information, the types of personal information handled, the ways of using personal information, etc.;

(2) significant changes of our ownership structure, organizational structure or other respects, such as the change of owner due to business adjustment or bankruptcy mergers etc.;

(3) changes in the main objects of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure;

(4) significant changes of your rights to participate in the processing of personal information and the manner for the exercise of such rights;

(5) changes of department which is responsible for handling personal information security and its contact information or complaints channel; or

(6) the existence of high risks as reflected in the personal information security impact assessment report.

3. We will also archive the old version of this document for your reference.

Privacy Policy

SiluMart attaches great importance to users' privacy and personal information protection. When You use our products or services, we may also collect and use Your related information. In this Privacy Policy, we are intended to explain how we collect, use, save, share and transfer Your information when our products or services, at Your request, are provided to You, and how we provide You with access, update, deletion and protection of this information.

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Last updated: December 5, 2019